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How to choose tiles and mosaics for the home

These materials allow you to create beautiful interiors.

05.Oct.16 11:40 AM
By Anna Nekrasova
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How to choose tiles and mosaics for the home
In a beautiful and comfortable house you want to live for everyone. To create the perfect interior finishing materials must be selected correctly. At the same time in the kitchen and in the bathroom is not only important appearance. In these areas relatively moist environment, changes in temperature and chemical fumes. Therefore, to furnish special materials are needed: tile or mosaic.

Ceramic tile has a dense structure and excellent properties. It does not absorb moisture, is not deformed and does not require special care. At the same time it is presented in a huge range. Different types, colors, decors and sizes of ceramic tiles allow to diversify any interior.

When selecting the size of such tiles need to consider the size of the room itself. Tile large size is suitable for a spacious room and vice versa. There are other nuances. For example, glazed tiles capable of visually embroider room. A vertically arranged tiles visually increases the height of the ceilings.

For almost any room home is perfect and mosaic. Many people are afraid to use it for decoration. And absolutely nothing. Mosaic able to add color, texture and create an emphasis on interior design. When used correctly, the mosaic can completely change the mood of the space.

The most important thing when choosing a mosaic - is the right choice of size and color. Then, to achieve the desired result in the design of the room is simple. It is also easy to install tiles, visually increase the space and looks gorgeous. 1248

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