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How to choose English courses

Learning English nowadays is in great demand in Russia.

06.Jun.16 2:05 AM


How to choose English courses

This is not surprising, since it is one of the main languages ​​of international communication. For a quick and effective study is recommended just to take English courses. While choosing them we should consider several factors.

Mode of study. There are two forms: distant and classical learning. The first is very handy for working or very busy people. The classical form which involves full-time visit is for all those who can adjust to the schedule.

Direction. Much depends on the purpose of the language learning. If English is needed only for everyday communication, then conversational courses are suitable. If you need the language to work, look for those that offer a program with intensive study of grammar and the development of official-business style of communication. It is important that during lessons to be "live" communication. It should be perfect if the teacher is a native speaker. The study will be of a better quality.

Duration. If you want to master English at a decent level, then choose the courses which lasts for at least six months. During this period, you can learn how to write and communicate in a foreign language. If the advertisement promises courses for beginners just for 1 month, don`t risk. You just fill up your vocabulary and learn basic grammar. As a rule, after the end of such studies the language is quickly forgotten.

Reviews. Be sure to ask about the reputation of the courses on the Internet or among friends. Currently and previously enrolled students could objectively assess the acquired knowledge and prove them to be effective.

Teaching Staff. Find out about the teachers` qualification, their work experience. Before you sign up for a class talk personally with the future teacher. Determine whether you will be able to understand each other, how you can communicate easily.


At the end of the course you must be provided with a certificate or other document confirming the completion of the course and the level of your knowledge.

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