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How to Buy Supertokens: a Free Webinar for Startups and ICO Participants

With dozens of ICOs entering the market every month, many potential ICO participants have a hard time deciding which tokens to buy. So many choices, so few guarantees, not enough information.

09.Aug.17 12:11 PM
By John Goldman
Photo Vlad Shchetinin, Business Analyst at ICOBox


How to Buy Supertokens: a Free Webinar for Startups and ICO Participants

But now they can have many of their questions answered: Vlad Shchetinin, Business Analyst at ICOBox, will conduct a webinar titled "How to Buy Supertokens," which will take place at 11:00 AM PDT on August 11, 2017.

ICOBox was founded by a team of experts who have been involved with ICOs from very early in the game. Now, through Vlad, they are ready to share some of their knowledge of token issues, and to explain what is, as they say, a "Perfect ICO." The webinar will cover the basics and provide the overview of key ICO aspects: technology, legal support, and marketing campaign. Participants will also learn how to analyze tokens from various angles and how to gauge their potential success rate. Among others, the webinar will address the following issues: new project evaluation strategies, weighing risks and benefits, conducting the market assessment, etc.

ICOBox boasts of its unique position as the first company on the market to have a thorough knowledge of both sides of an ICO: the startup side the company provides professional services of conducting ICOs, and the token holder side, because they actively buy tokens.

ICOBox itself is gearing up to offer the public its ICOS tokens, which are ERC-20 standard-based Ethereum tokens. ICOS purpose is to help promising but underfunded new projects by conducting their ICOs on ICOBox platform. All net proceeds from the sale of ICOS tokens will go towards sponsoring the conduct of such promising crowdfunding projects. ICOBox intends to continue this financial arrangement while the funds raised through ICOS sale last. The details on ICOS tokens and the offering are available at

ICOS tokens issued by ICOBox will give their holders a fixed average discount of 75% on new projects' tokens issued through ICOBox platform. ICOS tokens also grant their owners the right to vote on the selection of such prospective ICO projects to be conducted on ICOBox platform. The list of first candidate ICOs will be presented for ICOS token holders' consideration before the ICOS token offering ends, with voting following the ICOS token issue.

ICOBox encourages wide participation in the webinar, promising that it will seriously boost the attendees' understanding of the ICO technology and market. Spots are limited. Reserve yours at

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