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How to attract investment through ICO

This tool has become a new word in attracting funds for small and medium-sized businesses.

28.Dec.17 1:10 AM
By Natalia Klyachina


How to attract investment through ICO
Today кraudfanding market is constantly growing. In Russia, it became necessary to regulate it. To this end, the Russian Association of Crypto-Currency and Block-Bone has recently submitted the first bill. Its main goal is to regulate the market of кraudfanding and ICO. To organize an ICO, you need to have professional knowledge. Not always this knowledge can be obtained quickly. In this situation, it is best to contact a special team. On the site, you can learn about the various capabilities of Blockchain Laboratory. This team has extensive experience in organizing similar projects, which need to be brought to the ICO.

The company is ready to start the startup on the ICO from the very first stage. The organization of ICO includes several stages. First, a business model with integrated blockchain technology will be created. Then White Paper is developed. If you make the right White Paper, investors will be able to learn more about your project. Then Smart Contracts will be developed. Smart Contracts are at the heart of any transaction that is organized through the technology of blocking. Blockchain Laboratory provides promotion and marketing services for the project. If the project has good advertising, then it has a better chance of success.

Mining is also another direction in the company's activity. Experts will create a ready working model for their clients. As for ICO, and for any service in the company provide the possibility of full legal support.

It is best to contact professionals who will prepare a working version of your startup. Due to the wrong organization of the ICO in Russia, a quarter of all projects fail. Possible reasons include lack of calculation of opportunities or incorrect risk assessment. Blockchain Laboratory is ready to assess the financial, economic, legal and tax risks before the start of the ICO. If the project goes to the ICO according to all the rules, it collects a huge amount of money in the first day by selling tokens.

ICO today attracts many companies with its capabilities. It gives money to that segment of the business, which at the state level receives less support. Small and medium-sized business in its quantity has a high rate. Therefore, ICO in the near future will become even more popular. The procedure for organizing the ICO in Russia will become clear when the government adopts the corresponding law. Consideration of the bill has already begun.

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