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Household Appliance Price will Decrease by 20-30% in Russia

Large household appliance goods are more likely to become cheaper.

05.May.15 6:12 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Household Appliance Price will Decrease by 20-30% in Russia
Household appliance producers are planning to lower prices on their goods in Russia by 20-30%. In other words the price will return to the level compared with last months of the previous year. The price of the whole variety of goods can be reduced as well as price of particular product groups.

According to available information sales level of household appliance has decreased by 60% in comparison with the same period previous year. That is why some companies decided to lower retail and wholesale prices.

Some goods have become 50% more expensive after the first wave of price increase in Russia which took place in November 2015. That is why some consumers just canít afford buying even those products which have been cheaper in 2014. That is why producers are searching for various ways to optimize the price.

There is information about the fact that large household appliance is more likely to become cheaper in the nearest future. This is possible due to the fact that Russia depends on foreign suppliers of some components and parts but not the products themselves. At the same time IT and digital goods are supplied100% by foreign companies.

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