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Hooch Stills are in Demand in Russia

Russians are eager to save money on buying expensive alcohol.

25.Feb.15 9:14 AM
By Abigail Richards


Hooch Stills are in Demand in Russia
According to the latest statistics the demand in hooch stills has increased enormously in Russia. Experts are sure that this is due to a wish to save money and avoid buying expensive alcoholic drinks in shops. The price of alcohol has increased greatly over the last months.

The information has been provided by manufacturer of home distillers. They say that their income has increased by 300% in comparison with the previous year. Experts say that this is due to difficult economic situation in Russia. This is the only way for Russian citizens to save money and avoid buying expensive alcoholic drinks in shops and supermarkets.

On the other hand citizens note that such situation occurs not due to price increase, but to worsening of Vodka quality.

Experts are sure that decrease of alcohol demand will continue in the nearest future. However, there is nothing to worry about. At the same time they pay attention to the fact that moonshine can be sometimes to the detriment of humanís health due to its low quality.

It should be noted that hooch still is special apparatus which looks like a metal jar. It is mainly used for distillation mash at home. The price of such device may vary according to its quality.

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