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Home mining in Russia can ban

The authorities are afraid of overconsumption of electricity and fires in homes.

08.Sep.17 12:09 AM
By Mark Gainer


Home mining in Russia can ban
The working group under the President of Russia on Internet development at a conference in May may consider banning the placement of mining farms in residential buildings. Ilya Massukh.

The proposal is justified by the fact that with the operation of equipment for oil and gas production in homes, which can lead to fires and breakdown of power grids. Massuh noted that the production of crypto-currencies is not beneficial for the Russian economy, since Bitcoin goes to foreign markets, and only energy costs remain.

Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev considers the ban on mining in residential premises inexpedient since it is unclear who and how will monitor its compliance. He also recalled the limit on electricity consumption, that tenants could not exceed, without violating the terms of connection to the networks.

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