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Higher school of Economics predicts the new fall of the ruble

Experts believe that the Russian currency will again begin to weaken.

23.May.16 6:40 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


Higher school of Economics predicts the new fall of the ruble
The experts of the higher school of Economics said that in the near future we can expect a new collapse of the Russian currency. As stated in the recent review of HSE, the ruble may further weaken, and it is unlikely that the Russian economy will soon recover.

According to analysts, in the coming months, the national currency may come under a double blow. The exchange rate can influence both the decline in oil prices and capital outflows resulting from the withdrawal of short-term capital from the market.

According to experts, currently the oil market is experiencing a surplus of oil, therefore, before the fall restore the balance of supply and demand is not worth waiting. Large reserves of "black gold" steadily reduce the price on it.

To achieve sustainable capital inflows in the country will allow only institutional change and the advent of direct investors. Now we can talk only about the short-term investment.

It is noted that the forecast of the HSE comes from oil prices at 35 dollars. While the official government forecast the cost of a barrel of oil is 40 dollars.

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