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Hewlett Packard Enterprise is planning to launch Blockchain in 2018

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a business technology company, is launching a new blockchain service next year.

12.Nov.17 11:01 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Hewlett Packard Enterprise is planning to launch Blockchain in 2018

The official reveal comes a few months after the company's customers, founded in 2015 after the technology giant Hewlett Packard split into two, began software solutions built around the technology. Using distributed ledger startup R3 on the Corda platform as a base, HPE is planning to offer payment and identification services, among others. Both companies publicly presented their partnership in June.

The initial product offering, called the "Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology ", is intended for enterprises as an extension of cloud-based services. It is also the first of what HPE indicated, there will be a number of product offerings in which the blockchain is used.

According to Fortune, HPE has already sold some versions of its products privately for companies providing financial services.

Although the exact date of launch was not established, HPE indicated that it would appear in early 2018. In addition, the company said that next year additional customers will be able to access test environments.

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