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Hackers stole a $ 10 million crypto currency, cracking the wallet Japanese Syndicate

Digital assets did not provide the necessary security.

09.Jun.18 9:27 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Hackers stole a $ 10 million crypto currency, cracking the wallet Japanese Syndicate
Recently, cybercriminals are increasingly showing interest in the crypto currency. It is digital wallets, not bank accounts, that are their main target. The matter is that the sphere of financial services is regulated by the state, and credit organizations are tested for compliance with information security requirements. The crypto currency market, for its part, does not yet have a clear regulation in most states, therefore, virtual currency holders can not count on anyone in cybersecurity issues.

The day before it became known about the next attack of hackers. This time, they drew attention to the Japanese Syndicate's crypto currency purse. The extraction of intruders who broke into the store became digital currency worth ten million dollars. According to the information of the Shopin service, which distributed tokens to its Japanese partner, the crypto currency was not in the hardware or cold wallet.

Despite the fact that Formally, Shopin is not responsible for the abduction of crypto currency, since from the moment of transfer for it is responsible for Japanese Syndicate, the company plans to do everything possible to restore its reputation.

Earlier, we told you how much money hackers could steal in six months.

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