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Hackers scare the return of "WannaCry" and extort the cryptocurrency

However, the British police warn that this is a scam and should not give way to panic.

26.Jun.18 10:05 PM
By Chuck McGhee


Hackers scare the return of "WannaCry" and extort the cryptocurrency
The last three days, users around the world began to receive emails threatening to infect their computers with the "great and terrible" WannaCry virus. Scammers write in their messages that if the addressee does not pay them ransom in bitcoins, then all files from their devices will be deleted. The repurchase amount is neither much nor little 0.1 BTC ($ 650).

However, the British Center for Fighting Fraud and Cybercrime Action Fraud and the London police denies this information. They conducted a check and found out that these threats are a dummy, and scammers will not be able to bring their promises to execution. First of all, the WannaCry virus is really dangerous only for the Windows operating system, and extortionists point out in their messages that the virus can also attack IOS, macOs, Android, and Linux. And in general, British experts concluded that behind threats, in reality, there is no malicious virus, but only hiding scammers who want to fetch trusting people money using the panic fear of people in front of the WannaCry virus.

The British police report about 300 appeals for receiving such letters. Law enforcers ask users when they receive a letter on behalf of the hacking team "WannaCry-Hack-team" with a misprint in the subject "Attention WannaCry" to delete this email and inform the authorities about it.

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