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Hackers put for auction Personal Data of 10 Million Russians

All of them have been registered on dating website.

27.Jan.15 4:22 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Hackers put for auction Personal Data of 10 Million Russians
Hackers have put for auction personal data of 10 million Russians. All of them have been registered as users of dating website. In accordance with available information internet criminals managed to hack online resource and stole all available personal data of users. It is said that they took by fraud information about 20 million users. Half of them are Russian citizens. It was also announced that stolen personal data has been put of action on a special web portal.

Representatives of Bloomberg agency say that this information can be used to receive access to credit cards, banking accounts, medical insurances and other information which can lead to great financial losses and detriments.
It was also noted that such data is of great value among online rogues and is usually bought at short notice. They are often purchased by internet criminals who are using this information to hack personal and banking accounts as well as for other criminal purposes.

There is no information about the name of the website which was recently hacked. Experts say that this name is very unlikely to be announced on public.

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