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Hackers from North Korea attack users of cryptocurrency and service providers

The Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) has said that cybercriminals based in North Korea have stepped up their malware attacks against users of digital currencies and service providers in South Korea.

15.Nov.17 1:19 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Hackers from North Korea attack users of cryptocurrency and service providers

The agency also reported that hackers are aimed at digital currency companies in the country. Based on its latest report as of mid-November 2017, KISA has controlled a 370 percent increase in the number of malicious attacks in 2017 compared to the figures for 2016. These attacks show that hackers have been consistent in their efforts to unleash the daily operations of companies, steal money and further damage the image of digital currencies.

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have been claimed as the ideal tool for cybercrimes in the past.

Based on the KISA report, in South Korea from January to September 2017, 5,366 attacks were recorded using advanced means. The ongoing struggle between North and South Korea is seen as one of the main reasons for increasing attacks of malicious programs on South Korean enterprises.

According to the agency, it is expected that attacks on Bitcoin service providers and other online services in South Korea will continue to intensify in the near future, unless strategic actions begin to prevent attacks from moving forward. This view of the agency is based on the reputation of North Korean hackers, who over the past few years have launched brutal attacks on South Korean infrastructure.

It is expected that the continued presence of hacker groups sponsored by the state in North Korea will worsen the situation. Because of these events, citizens and companies of South Korea should take this threat seriously and cooperate with the government in its prevention.

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