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Hackers cracked the popular crypto MyEtherWallet

The amount of damage is estimated at 150 thousand dollars.

25.Apr.18 4:02 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


Hackers cracked the popular crypto MyEtherWallet

It became known that there was a hacker attack on the electronic cryptocurrency purse MyEtherWallet, which is one of the largest Ethereum-purses. The very first to report this to customers of Reddit. According to some information, one of the users lost all the funds after they entered the account information and entered his wallet.

Later reports of the thefts were officially confirmed by the management of MyEtherWallet; it reported that the purse servers hacked the hackers and began to send people to the phishing site. Representatives of the favorite cryptic help emphasize that the problem was not on their side. Now the team of programmers MyEtherWallet is trying to find hacked servers and solve the problem. Users are urged not to enter personal electronic stores before it becomes known about the removal of hacking.

In Twitter, there were reports that the attack was committed by Russian hackers and redirection occurs at the Russian IP-addresses: Fake_Phishing899 and Fake_Phishing900, and the amount of damage were 150 thousand dollars, but so far this information is not confirmed by representatives of MyEtherWallet.

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