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Greeks strike against austerity policies

Greece is virtually paralyzed by a nationwide strike of the participants of which protest against the adoption of new austerity measures.

17.May.17 1:00 PM
By Christina Orlina


Greeks strike against austerity policies
Submitted to Parliament the draft law provides for new reductions of salaries and pensions from 2019, the reduction of social benefits, tax increases, a possibility of collective dismissal of employees. “If these measures pass, we will find ourselves in a very difficult situation. They talk about economic growth... But it's not for us and our children. It is for capitalists.”

“We have had enough. Robbery of the workers and pensioners have gone too far. The authorities have already brought us to a very low standard of living”. Strikes covered transport and hospitals. The media went on strike Tuesday to Wednesday to cover protests.

The Greek government agreed to new reforms in a deal with international creditors on the release of the next aid package. In the summer, Greece must repay the debt of seven billion dollars. This money of Athens no. To avoid default, the country may, after receiving the new loan proceeds.

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