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Great loss for science is a great win for woke freaks

Diversity has gone too far

19.Oct.21 12:35 PM
By Diversity has gone too far
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Great loss for science is a great win for woke freaks
A top scientist at Berkeley University of California resigns as director of a Climate Institute. Professor David M. Romps finds it intolerable that fellow scientists are canceled because of personal beliefs when their scientific contributions are so important.

"I am resigning as director of the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center (BASC) at Berkeley," writes Romps, also head of the physics of Climate Group at Berkeley, on social media.

He refers to the decision of another university, MIT, to cancel a speech by a climate scientist because of his political views.

"This scientist is doing a fantastic job," says Professor Romps. He refers to Dorian Abbot, a climate scientist who was also a guest at Berkeley years ago, but became the center of a national riot.

The controversy surrounding Abbott was after an op-ed piece in Newsweek, in which he teamed up with Stanford University, and professor Ivan Marinovic, claiming that the current diversity in our universities, is known as the "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion," the principle of equal treatment is accurate either.

He came up with an alternative, got the wind on Twitter from "a small group" of woke activists, and saw MIT cancel a scheduled appointment. That revived the debate on cancel culture in America.

After MIT's decision, Romps discussed whether Abbot could speak to Berkeley, but he received little support internally. "I hoped that political or social opinions would not make a difference for BASC", writes Prof.Romps in a comprehensive statement.

He speaks of a loss to science. Moreover, the whole narrow-mindedness, according to him, shows that "certain opinions have been banned," he says, causing self-censorship, degradation of public debate and "political balkanization". Romps will hand over its duties by the end of this year.

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