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04.Jun.21 9:42 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Techstuff


Google will warn of potentially unsafe Chrome extensions
Google has added new security features to its Chrome web browser. If users install a potentially malicious extension, they will be notified. Also, Chrome can check downloaded files for the presence of unsafe software.

The improvements are part of Chrome 91, which recently appeared. The new features will be released for users in the near future, according to Google on its website.

When installing a new extension, which allows users to add additional features to the browser, Chrome can perform an additional scan to better ensure reliability.

To be considered reliable, extensions must come from creators who participate in Google's Developer Program. Extensions must also be active for at least "several months". Developers who are just starting out are therefore not immediately trusted by Google.

Users who want to download an extension identified by Google as unreliable will see a pop-up with a warning. The user can then choose to install the program.

Chrome additionally gets the option to scan suspicious downloaded files. Files that are "at risk but not clearly unsafe" can be checked by Google. This additional layer of protection is not mandatory for users and files marked as unsafe can also be downloaded.

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