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Google took down a popular Youtube alternative client

No-no, you won't watch Youtube without silly ads

14.Mar.22 1:11 PM
By No-no, you won't watch Youtube without silly ads
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Google took down a popular Youtube alternative client
The popular YouTube app Vanced is being shut down after legal threat from Google. The Android app allowed users to watch YouTube and block ads without subscribing to YouTube.

Google recently sent a letter to the creators of Vanced, stating that they had to stop the distribution and development of the app. A Vanced employee tells The Verge that they were asked to remove all references to YouTube, that the logo had to be changed and that all links with YouTube were removed.

In a tweet, Vanced said it would stop in a few days due to"legal reasons". People who have the app on their phone, according to the creators, can still continue to use it, "until it becomes obsolete in a year or two". On Twitter, Vanced links to the YouTube subscription page as an alternative to its app.

Google intervened more frequently in the past year with programs that had access to YouTube. For example, Google ensured that two popular bots of the chat program Discord were shut down. Those bots allowed people to listen to music from YouTube, without taking out a subscription.

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