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Google quietly censors BTC-related news

New algorithm Google censors bitcoin few days before halving

09.May.20 6:03 PM
By Shawn Highstraw
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Google quietly censors BTC-related news
Google's algorithm will be updated this month. Many YouTubers and news outlets that create content about bitcoin and other cryptos are already experiencing the consequences.

The change in the search algorithm has an effect not only on the search engine, but also on other Google content distribution channels.

YouTuber Christopher Jaszczynski says to Forbes, "This is well known. Since Google owns YouTube, this trickles down from media outlets that rely on Google traffic to bitcoin YouTubers. All major Bitcoin YouTubers including our MMCrypto channel have been banned from shadowing. "

A shadow ban is the blocking or partial blocking of a user or their content, so that it is not immediately clear to the user that they have been banned.

Jaszczynski added, "I noticed that in June and December 2019 too, when we couldn't upload our technical analysis videos. However, "Shadow Ban" is more of a stealth approach. It limits the reach of YouTube videos and as a result it significantly reduces the number of views we normally get. "

Several YouTubers report the same. Big names like DavinciJ15, The Moon, Ivan on Tech, Sunny Decree, Altcoin Daily and many other channels are also involved.

They see that they now have far fewer views after a few hours after publication than they normally do. "That's exactly what we experience here at MM Crypto," said Jaszczynski.

Carl Runefelt of YouTube channel The Moon says that websites also have to deal with this: "U.Today also had a significant drop in Google's search traffic yesterday. CEO Eliah personally told me that they have a noticeable loss of traffic and lower positions in Google news in each category. They don't have the exact numbers yet, but other news sites are also bothered by this. This cannot yet be substantiated with numbers. "

The timing of changing the algorithm comes at a strange time. Bitcoin is about to experience a halving for the third time. The earlier two halves sparked crypto markets and many new millionaires.

Jaszczynski also sees that: "An important thing to note is that this third purification of bitcoin and crypto takes place at a very interesting timing. The halving of the bitcoin is already in 4 days. "

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