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Google may become blocked in former parts of Ukraine

Rebellious eastern provinces want to cut off Google

25.Jul.22 6:08 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo Wikimedia


Google may become blocked in former parts of Ukraine
Google's search engine will soon be blocked in Ukraine's Donetsk and Luhansk provinces. These areas are occupied by Russian troops. The pro-Russian authorities accuse Google of terrorism and violence against all Russians.

Denis Pushilin, the head of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), says that Google is spreading disinformation and lies. According to him, a blockade of Google is a logical consequence. "This is what happens to criminals: they are cut off from other people."

The leader of separatist group that wants to secede from Ukraine to join Russia says Google itself can ensure that the blockade is lifted. "If Google stops its criminal policies and returns to following the law and common sense, there will be no obstacles to allowing the search engine."Google has not yet responded.

Instagram Facebook and Instagram have been blocked by the DPR and the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR). Those apps have also been banned in Russia after Moscow said parent company Meta is guilty of"extremist activity."

The DPR and LPR, by the way, are recognized as legitimate authorities only by Russia, Syria and North Korea. The parties were founded in 2014 and are perceived by Ukrainian authorities as terrorist organizations.

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