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Google comes up with counter-claim against Epic Games

The software giant sues Epic for 'lost revenue' which seems to be ridiculous

12.Oct.21 9:00 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo Epic Games


Google comes up with counter-claim against Epic Games
Google has sued Epic Games because last year the game publisher added its own payment system to the hugely popular Fortnite game. That was against the rules of Google's App Store.

With its own payment system, Epic was able to circumvent Google's policy and did not have to give up a commission. By default, developers who sell through the Play Store contribute 30 percent of the revenue to Google.

According to Google, Epic deliberately violated the policy. Although the app was removed from the Play Store last August due to its breach of contract, millions of Android users still have the app on their phones. Google says they still have access to Epic's external payment system.

"Customers and developers don't need to use the App Store, they can also choose other stores and distribution channels," says Google in his complaint. Epic Games can therefore offer its services with its own payment system on Android phones, but not through the Play Store, where developers must all adhere to the same rules.

Google wants Epic to pay back the lost revenue. It is not known how much that amount should be.

More lawsuits against Epic

Epic is involved in several lawsuits. After Google took Fortnite out of the Play Store last year, Epic sued Google. According to the publisher, Google is a monopolist and the company opposes competition.

Meanwhile, there are also lawsuits between Epic and Apple. A jury ruled that Apple is not a monopolist and that the company was allowed to remove legitimate Fortnite apps from the App Store. Epic also had to pay Apple money for lost revenue through the introduced payment system. Both parties appealed in that case.

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