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Goldman Sachs will start bitcoin futures

Bitcoin futures will be available soon.

03.May.18 6:57 AM
By Jeff Bannister


Goldman Sachs will start bitcoin futures

Investment Bank Goldman Sachs begins trading bitcoin futures. This is reported by The New York Times. To start the project, the company uses its funds. The exact date of the issue is not yet published, but the board of directors has already approved the initiative. The management of the bank considers bitcoin as an alternative asset. 

As the bank manager Rana Jared noted, Goldman Sachs took into account the opinion of customers who consider bitcoins as an alternative form of capital preservation. She said that all participants of the bank are aware of the risks of using cryptocurrency and express a particular share of skepticism. However, the bank can not ignore the main trends, because Goldman Sachs is one of the largest investment institutions and can significantly affect the industry. 

The interest of such organizations in crypto-currencies will be an additional incentive for developing rules for the regulation of the crypto-currency market since bitcoin futures create an increased probability of speculation on crypto-currencies. 

Goldman Sachs in the future the bank will develop the crypto-exchange industry only after approval of the Securities and Stock Exchange Commission of the United States.

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