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Gold prices stay at the peaks of 7 weeks against the background of U.S. employment data

Gold prices are stable on Friday.

04.Aug.17 1:25 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Gold prices stay at the peaks of 7 weeks against the background of U.S. employment data

Staying close to the peaks of seven weeks earlier, as the dollar is at the multi-month lows on the eve of the publication of the employment report without taking into account the U.S. agricultural sector, and against the backdrop of the continuing political instability in the country.

At 12.35 GMT, gold traded at $ 1.269.35 per troy ounce, compared with $ 1.268.15 an ounce at the close of trading on Thursday.

Futures for gold in the U.S. for December delivery went up by $ 1 to $ 1.275.4 per ounce.

Markets are waiting for the publication of the July employment report in the U.S., which may affect the rate of increase in the rate of the Fed.

U.S. Attorney General Robert Muller convened a grand jury in Washington to help investigate the alleged Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election last year, and sent summons to testify, Reuters sources said on Thursday.

The dollar index, which tracks the dynamics of the currency to the basket of six major counterparts, fell to a minimum of 15 months earlier this week.

Silver traded at $ 16.71 an ounce compared to $ 16.61 at the close of trading on Thursday, platinum was $ 967.20 compared to $ 960.50, palladium at $ 883.00 versus $ 884.50.

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