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GM Plant in St. Petersburg is preparing for Conservation

It stops mass production of autos starting from March 18th.

19.Mar.15 3:23 PM
By Lubov Kovaleva


GM Plant in St. Petersburg is preparing for Conservation
General Motors plant located in St. Petersburg is preparing for conservation. Mass production of autos will be stopped starting from March 18th. At the same time assembly of all cars will be totally terminated at the end of June.
“Total conservation of the plant will be made at the end of June. Assembly of some vehicles will continue during this period of time.  Today is the last day of auto mass production. Such measures are taken in view of only one reason which is poor economic situation in the country”, - said official representative of the largest US automaker.

At the same time GM brand has also officially announced about the fact that production of Opel autos will also be stopped. They will no longer be available for the Russian auto market. Manufacturing of German cars will end by December 2015. At the same time the share of Chevrolet autos on the Russian market will also be reduced.

Meanwhile Avtotor plant which is located in Kaliningrad has already produced its last autos under GM badge at the beginning of March. At the moment production line of these cars is stopped.

“Opel and Chevrolet models were the last GM cars that have been produced by Avtoro plant. Manufacturing of cars has been mostly focused on plant located in St. Petersburg”, - reported media office of the plant in Kaliningrad.

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