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Glorious Maya Plisetskaya celebrated her Birthday Yesterday

She was a famous ballet dancer during 80-s and inspired world’s famous fashion designer.

21.Nov.14 1:27 PM
By Svetlana Siuhina


Glorious Maya Plisetskaya celebrated her Birthday Yesterday
Maya Plisetskaya was born in the family of council. However she was brought up by her aunt and uncle. Both were actors in the Bolshoi Theatre. Her destiny was clear from her early childhood. She started dancing her world’s famous Dying Swan when she studied in university.

She is still extremely popular. People love her very much.

Glorious ballet dancer was a true star on all stages all over the world. She turned into a real sensation of the ballet art. From the very childhood Maya Plisetskaya dreamt of dancing part in Odette-Odile. Her dream has eventually come true and she danced this part more than 8 times during her dancing career. The most popular choreographers from all over the world were eager to work with her.

Robert Kennedy loved prima very much and cared for her. World’s famous designers such as Coco Chanel and If Sen Loran made their most beautiful dresses for her inspired by her dancing. Maya always head close relations with Pierre Cardin.

She is married to a famous composer Rodion Shchedrin and celebrated their anniversary in 2008. Once ballet dancer said that Rodion is her ”son, husband and friend”. She does not have children as ballet has always been on the first place for her.

Now Maya Plisetskaya lives in Lithuania and got a citizenship of this country. At the same time she considers Russia her motherland and often travels to Moscow.

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