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Germany will side with Russia in energy disputes

British analysts expressed this opinion.

09.Aug.17 10:52 PM
By Catherine Brooke


Germany will side with Russia in energy disputes

The meaning of the new US sanctions against Russia is the ousting of the country from the European energy markets. This view is held by the British edition of Business Insider.

 According to the media, the US wants to remove Russia from the European energy market and take this niche there. However, in the opinion of the financiers, it will not be possible to do this in the view of the investors. It is too big a price for Russia: Firstly, it is money - the central budget revenues are formed from the export of oil and gas; secondly, the country does not want and will not lose such a profitable geopolitical Niches.

Now 53 percent of all energy consumed by the European Union annually comes from Russia. At the same time, if we look at individual countries, the share of Russian energy resources is increasing. So, in Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Finland, Russia supplies 70 percent of all energy resources required by countries for domestic consumption.

 According to British analysts, all that Russia needs is a buffer zone between European countries and Russia. This gives the state a security guarantee. To continue to maintain this security, Moscow can come in energy pressure.

This threat is felt by the Baltic countries, who paid attention to American liquefied gas. France can support the aggressive policy of Washington, which imports energy from Algeria, Libya and other nations of the Persian Gulf. But Germany can side with Russia: 57 percent of all German gas and 35 percent of all oil - Russian origin.

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