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German Tesla 'Giga Factory' lags behind the schedule

It seems that Tesla assembly plant in Grünheide will not open on time

08.Feb.21 8:31 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Tesla


German Tesla 'Giga Factory' lags behind the schedule
The new Tesla plant near Berlin is in danger of being delayed. According to sources against the German business magazine Automobilwoche, important buildings of the electric car factory have not yet been built and no application has yet been made for a permit for the battery production facility at the site.

As a result, there are doubts as to whether the 'Giga factory' can be opened within five months, as planned. The site is located in Grünheide, south-east of Berlin, in the state of Brandenburg. The production of the Tesla Model Y should start there in July.

Tesla has received a grant of EUR 1 billion from the German government for the plant. But sources tell Automobilwoche that the amount may be actually lower. Tesla estimated the total cost of the plant at around EUR 4 billion. CEO Elon Musk said that the Giga factory at Berlin could become the largest battery production site in the world.

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