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German President is ready to Discuss Possibility of Gay Marriages

German Gay and Lesbian Union supports Presidentís opinion.

16.Jul.15 3:18 PM
By Svetlana Siuhina
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German President is ready to Discuss Possibility of Gay Marriages
President of Germany Joachim Gauck has visited Northern Ireland recently and stated about the necessity to discuss possibility of gay marriages legalizing. Irish referendum, which took place in May, proved that 60% of the population are supporting gay marriages. Gauck shared his opinion about the fact gays must be provided with equal rights and freedoms including a right to get married with their partner to live in love and harmony. It should be noted that US Supreme Court has recently announced its rather resonance decision on June 26. According to courtís resolution gay marriages do not interact with American constitution. This resolution has come into force across the entire territory of the United States without any exceptions. Earlier gay marriages were allowed only in 14 states. Note: The first ever gay marriage was registered in 2001 in The Netherlands. At the moment gay marriages are officially allowed only in 20 countries worldwide. We kindly ask our readers to express their attitude to gay marriages.
  1. What do you think of gay marriages legalization?
    1. I donít see any reason why sexual orientation should result in rights and freedoms limitation - 2 (50%)
    2. Totally against - 1 (25%)
    3. This is unnatural - 1 (25%)
    4. I can put up with gays, but I canít understand why they always need to announce their orientation - 0 (0%)
    5. I donít care - 0 (0%)
    6. Gay marriages should be legalized like in most developed countries which we try to approach - 0 (0%)

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