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German cities burst in protests: people can't get quarantine any more

Fundamental rights are suppressed, protesters consider

09.May.20 6:35 PM
By Abigail Richards
Photo EPA


German cities burst in protests: people can't get quarantine any more
In several German cities, demonstrations have again been made against the corona measures of the German government. In Berlin, but also in Stuttgart, for example, thousands of protesters gathered at the seventh "Vigil for the Constitution".

In Stuttgart thousands of people gathered at the Cannstatter Wasen: a large festival site on the Neckar river. The initiators had registered 50,000 people for the demonstration, but ultimately a maximum of 10,000 were allowed. Things were quiet in Stuttgart, but protesters were reportedly arrested in Berlin.

IT entrepreneur Michael Ballweg is the initiator of the demonstration in Stuttgart. He founded the Querdenken movement because he believes that fundamental rights have been constrained too easily and on too large a scale. The protesters distrust their government's course. They believe that the measures against the virus go too far.

Substantial relaxations were announced last Wednesday. Merkel then announced that Germany will go to a large extent of the lock. As soon as the number of new infections per week in a region exceeds the limit of 50 per 100,000 inhabitants, the relaxations are immediately reversed.

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