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George Friedman: blockchain will ever be hacked

Technology is valuable in security, but it will not always be so.

22.Jun.18 10:24 PM
By Jeff Bannister


George Friedman: blockchain will ever be hacked
Records of the blockchain are deciphered with time. This opinion was voiced by geopolitician George Friedman in his Twitter. According to Bitnovosti, he wrote that now blockchain is a valuable technology, but the importance of the distribution register will decrease over time. The main reason for this situation may be the break-in of technology, and this can be done by experts from the United States, Russia or China. And this can affect not only the global economy but also the security of the world as a whole.

He called the blockchain house one of the hips, on which people earn by manipulating information. George Friedman is the founder of the well-known analytical publication Geopolitical Futures. His predictions were more than once true, for which Friedman was nicknamed "Modern Nostradamus."

George Friedman stressed that the main value of the block is related to the security of encryption technology. At the moment this method is the most perfect. However, he noted that even the most reliable systems, sooner or later, hack. And to replace the blockade gradually more advanced and modern technologies will come.

The same opinion is held by IBM specialist Den Grisolphi. He associates this with the publicity of the use of personal data.

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