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Gender reveal party has gone terribly wrong

Megalomania and powder-loaded pipes aren't best friends of the fathers-to-be

23.Feb.21 11:58 AM
By Abigail Richards


Gender reveal party has gone terribly wrong
Christopher Pekny (28) from Liberty (NY,USA) put the device in question together himself. Sunday afternoon, it exploded. Christopher died. His brother Michael (27) was injured and had to go to hospital.

New York Police are investigating the explosion. A spokesperson that the exploded device was "some kind of pipe loaded with powder"

The victim's oldest brother, Peter Pekny Jr., describes the incident as "the most bizarre of the bizarre incidents".

Gender reveal parties have been a hip phenomenon in recent years in which the sex of the unborn baby is shared with friends and family. Usually a shooter is fired from which pink or blue chips fall, a canvas is revealed or balloons are used, or smoke bombs and fireworks are fired.

But gender reveal parties often go wrong. Because Americans want 'big, bigger, biggest'. A series of catastrophes occurred that are linked to megalomaniac versions of the parties, in which there were also fatalities before.

A Michigan man was killed earlier this month after being hit by shrapnel from ’a small cannon-like device’ fired during a baby gender reveal party, police say. In addition, gender reveal parties are said to have caused forest fires in Arizona (2017) and California (December 2020). In the last fire in El Dorado, hundreds of people fled their homes and the fire held the region in its grip for a week.

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