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"Gazprom" was allowed to pay less dividends than required

The Corporation was requested to the government.

17.May.16 6:49 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


"Gazprom" was allowed to pay less dividends than required
Russian transnational corporations "Gazprom" was allowed to pay less dividends than required. In particular, referring to information from Federal officials and one of the traders, the media reported that the dividend for 2015 will be paid from calculation of 7.4 per share).

It is noted that in total the Corporation will pay 175.2 billion rubles of dividends. And this amount does not half of the profits of IFRS, as it should be according to the April government's order for state companies, while only 21.8 %. That is, the amount of the dividend will amount to only 50% profit. The draft Directive with such dividend has already been sent to the Cabinet.

As previously stated by Bloomberg, "Gazprom" has addressed to the Russian authorities with a request to allow him to allocate for dividends at least half of net profit in accordance with IFRS, arguing that monopoly may have to buy back their shares from Vnesheconombank.

Thus, it is known that the final decision on dividends "Gazprom" for last year will be made by the Board of Directors at its meeting on 19 may.

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