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Gazpromís Nord Stream-2 partners quit merger discussion

Earlier this year the Polish anti-monopoly regulator warned the companies that their consortium may cause unfair competition in the European energy market.

16.Aug.16 3:26 AM
By Alesya Davydova


Gazpromís Nord Stream-2 partners quit merger discussion

Realization of the Nord Stream-2 project seems now to be under the threat of failure. Gazpromís key partners in the project have quitted the discussion of the merger plan. The reminds that Gazprom, Shell, OMV, French Engie, and German Uniper and Wintershall had previously agreed to join into a consortium to build a new gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea to transport Russian fuel to the Central Europe bypassing Ukraine.

Most media suppose that the companiesí decision was influenced by a statement of the Polish anti-monopoly regulator made earlier this year. It said that the consortium may increase Gazpromís influence in the European energy market, and the consortium of the key companies may lead to unfair competition in the industry. Some Russian journalist believe that Gazpromís partners are worried about their business in Poland: for all of them it remains an important export market.

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