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Gazprom is moving from London?

The Russian energy Corporation Gazprom is considering the transfer of the unit on trading and marketing operations, which employs 450 employees located in London.

10.Apr.17 2:20 AM
By Christina Orlina


Gazprom is moving from London?

According to the newspaper Financial Times, citing its sources, in case of brexit for the “hard” scenario the possibilities of the company sell gas on the EU market will be reduced or will become more costly if the unit remains in London.

            Delivery of Gazprom in the far abroad countries in the first quarter of 2017 have increased by 15% compared to the same period last year to 51 billion cubic meters of gas.

            At the same time the demand increased for Russian gas in the target countries for the project Nord stream – 2. In particular, exports to Austria grew by 67.9%, Germany by 20.3%, France by 15%, Hungary — 32%.

             In 2016, Gazprom has increased gas supplies to far abroad by 12.5% comparing to the 2015 to over 179,3 billion. In particular, the export of  Gazprom in the UK amounted to 17.8 billion cubic meters of gas (growth of 59.9 per cent), France — 11.5 billion cubic meters.

18,1%), to Poland — by 24.2% (11.1 billion cubic meters) in Austria — 37.9% (6.1 billion cubic meters), in Holland — 77.1% (4.2 billion cubic meters) in Denmark — 156,2% (1.7 billion cubic meters).

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