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Yuri Morozov, founder of Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom: "With the help of the blockchain, we can change the entire global ecosystem of telecommunications"

An interview with Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom founder, Yuri Morozov, whose company aims to rev...

Gazprom is going to save money not transiting gas through Ukraine’s territory

Gazprom’s CEO Aleksey Miller said that is quite likely to earn $25-43 bn. over the next 25 years switching gas flow to the another route, that is Nord stream -2.

20.Jun.16 8:58 AM
By Vladimir Vasiliev


Gazprom is going to save money not transiting gas through Ukraine’s territory

Now gas transiting through Ukraine is more expensive then delivering to the West Europe under the Baltic sea by 20%. At the same time, poor assets technical conditions must be taken into consideration. A. Miller said that if Ukraine modernizes them then the cost of transiting will be $4.6 per th.m. /100 km. That is more than twice larger compared to the existing price.

Nord stream – 2 is the shortest route from Yamal to Greisfswald in Germany. That is 2.000 km. shorter than delivering through Ukraine’s route and of course much cheaper.

That, maybe, is not the very pleasant news to the countries such as Poland, Czech republic, Estonia, Romania, Slovak republic. They suppose that is the threat to the EU energetic security. On the other hand there are some western companies which participate in implementing this project such as Shell, Wintershell, OMV, ENGIE. Just business. Nothing else.

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