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Gasoline prices in Russia rose sharply

Over the past week gasoline in Russia rose sharply wholesale. This is evidenced by statistics published the information-analytical center "Kortes".

29.May.17 1:55 PM
By Christina Orlina


 Gasoline prices in Russia rose sharply
Stronger than the other from 22 to 26 May increased the average cost of the wholesale party  "Normal-80" at 1230 rubles to 270 rubles per ton. Mark "Regular-92" has risen an average of 771 ruble to 42 392 rubles per ton. Thus its cost was near the price of the most expensive varieties of "Premium-95", which added 552 rubles 42 923 rubles per ton. Summer diesel fuel for the week was expensive at wholesale 211 roubles 37 436 rubles per ton.

On the wholesale market, dynamics of prices was not so significant. "Normal 80" over the past week rose to 410 rubles to 42 078 thousand rubles per ton, "Regular-92" on 431 to 426 45 rubles, "Premium-95" 93-46 465 rubles. The average cost of wholesale parties of summer diesel fuel increased last week to 163 rubles to 40 730 rubles per ton.

At the St. Petersburg international Mercantile exchange (SPIMEX) for the last working five days the average daily quotes of popular varieties of automotive fuel continued to rise. Although the increase was not as dramatic as last week. Stronger than others has increased the market price for summer diesel fuel (SPIMEX: DTL) is 0.9%. Petrol "Regular-92" (SPIMEX: REG) has risen an average 0.7 percent, and "Premium-95" (SPIMEX: PRM) by 0.6%.

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