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Gasoline in the USA is cheaper than in Russia

This conclusion is based on results of the research done by Bloomberg. The study includes data on fuel prices in the context of the 61 countries.

24.Apr.17 8:36 AM
By Christina Orlina


Gasoline in the USA is cheaper than in Russia
If you measure gasoline in liters, the price will be the same in the U.S. and in Russia - 0,68 dollars, or 38 rubles. A noticeable difference is if the unit to take a us gallon is 3.785 liters. As of 19 March, the average cost of a gallon for the first three months of the year in the United States amounted to 2.57 per dollar. In Russia it is at the level of 2.58 dollar, which is equivalent 145,6 rubles, said the Agency.

Global gasoline prices are rising. On average, in the first quarter of 2017, they added about 1.4 percent, the authors of the study. However, this modest increase hides a wide range of price fluctuations in different countries of the world.

As for the US, President Donald trump revised environmental regulations and supported the production of fossil fuels, particularly oil in the first months of your stay in the new position. However, gasoline prices fell under the previous President Barack Obama, specify analysts Bloomberg. They add that Americans still consume more fuel than any other country, so even with lower prices for gasoline costs are a significant part of income for the local population.

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