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Gas price growth Russia will not increase 6% mark

Minister of Economic Development Uklykaev said that there are no reasons for gas price growth.

16.Jul.14 9:42 AM
By Mikhail Prygunov


Gas price growth Russia will not increase 6% mark
Earlier Department of Energy together with “Gazprom” offered to change the maximum limit of gas price increase in 2015. It was planned that price growth will be higher than 6% in comparison with 2014. The main reason for such changes was the fact that gas price on the inner market of Russian Federation along with ways of indexation that were introduced by Ministry of Economic development would lead to the decrease of “Gazprom” personal  funds for investment only in 53%. At the same time Ulyukaev sees no reasons for such drastic measures and evaluates economical position of “Gazprom” as financially stable.

Speaking about railways sphere Ulyukaev said that there is still possibility for providing tariff corridor that will make it possible for handling with price indexing and transporting of different type of cargos. This will also help to make situation better. The President has already ordered to introduce new price indexing on cargo transportation in 2015 by 10%. However the head of Railways thinks that price indexing should be higher than the level of inflation.

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