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At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Game Stars brings together cybersportsmen

The gaming platform will hold a token for the implementation of a large-scale project.

07.May.18 11:10 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Game Stars brings together cybersportsmen
The popularity of computer games is constantly growing: today in the virtual world, not only the representatives of young people, but also older people are more and more often immersed. In addition, more and more gamers devote so much time to enthusiasm that they achieve professional success in this area. Cyber-athletes get world fame and earn good money by spending time playing games.

The market of e-sports, according to experts, this year may exceed $ 905.5 million. The rapid growth of indicators in this industry can not do without the corresponding infrastructure. In the company Game Stars consider it necessary to create a platform for gamers-professionals. With her appearance, cyber sportsmen would demonstrate their skills by participating in tournaments. At the same time, they would receive funding for further development. Sponsors who are connected to the project could count on receiving interest from players' incomes. Also, the idea would be useful to large brands that would advertise their production on the site.

To create a platform block platform, Game Stars representatives intend to hold a token. The issue of GST tokens will be five hundred million.

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