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“From Volga to Balkan” Photo Exhibition will be opened in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

The exposition is dedicated to 150th anniversary of famous writer Yevgeniy Chirikov.

21.Oct.14 3:29 PM
By Anna Repina


“From Volga to Balkan” Photo Exhibition will be opened in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
“From Volga to Balkan” is opened in Russian Museum of Photography on 21st of October. The exposition is arranged for the first time ever and it is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of famous Russian writer Yevgeniy Chirikov. Exhibition presents photos from the private writer’s library. They were provided by his granddaughter.

Yevgeniy Chirikov was born in 1864 and used to be a famous writer in his time. His works were published in popular issues and magazines which included “Russian Fortune”, “Forest Gazette”, “New Word”, “Life” and many others. In addition several collections of his dramatic fairy tales were also published. They are “Volga Tales”, “Between Sky and Earth”, “Maiden’s Tears” and others.

Most part of his life Chirikov spent near the Volga River. He used to travel a lot and also took part in ferry voyages. He always took his camera wherever he went. Exhibition will display his most exciting and interesting photos which were made during his travelling. Moreover visitors will be able to see his photos when he worked as military correspondent in Balkans in 1912-1913. These exhibits are especially valuable because there are very few of them left.

The opening ceremony is taking place today at 5 p.m. It will be available for the public starting from tomorrow 22nd of October.

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