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Fred Voccola espects to re-launch servers by Sunday

It's unknown if ransom will be paid and unclear who is behind attack

08.Jul.21 11:40 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
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Fred Voccola espects to re-launch servers by Sunday
The servers of Kaseya management software will be back online on Sunday, says CEO Fred Voccola in a video message on Wednesday. The software was used by hackers last weekend to spread ransomware, which affected hundreds of companies worldwide.

The service was originally intended to be available on Tuesday, after a major security update was released. However, Kaseya ran into problems and decided to postpone the update.

Hundreds of companies worldwide fell victim to a large-scale cyberattack via the USA on Friday. Customers ' systems became infected with ransomware, preventing them from accessing their computer systems.

The Russian hacker group REvil is the suspected perpetrator. The group has claimed the attack and asks Kaseya for $ 70 million in ransom. The group says to release all systems at once once the amount has been paid. Whether REvil is actually behind the attack is not yet clear.

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