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Frances Haugen's recent leaks are just a beginning, her lawyer says

It looks that dark days are ahead for Facebook, but in the end money always wins

07.Oct.21 7:36 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo SEC


Frances Haugen's recent leaks are just a beginning, her lawyer says
Frances Haugen's lawyer, the whistleblower who has been attacking Facebook in recent days, says her recent accusations are "only the beginning" of more revelations about the social platform.

"There will be more revelations," said Tye, who himself came out as a whistleblower in 2014 about surveillance practices by the US government. Facebook Instagram said last week that Facebook knows from its own research that its apps, such as Instagram, are harming the mental health of some young users. Haugen also saw time and again in her time at the company that Facebook considered profit to be more important than social aspects.

Tye reports that Haugen's criticism in recent days has led to a "big increase" in the number of (former) Facebook employees who have approached his law firm and may want to act as a whistleblower themselves. Not only would his team want to try to take on Facebook in the US, but also in France and the UK a legal process is being considered. "There is a lot of interest in Europe," says Tye.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded to Haugen's criticism on Tuesday, saying that it is" just not true " that Facebook would put profit above user safety. In Facebook's long statement, he also opposed the recent criticism about Facebook's impact on children's and teenagers' mental health.

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