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Fossils of Ancient Forests have been discovered in Antarctic

Research expedition is continuing.

13.Jan.15 3:26 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Fossils of Ancient Forests have been discovered in Antarctic
Fossils of Ancient Forests have been discovered in Antarctic. Scientists of Sienna University discovered fossils of ancient forests during their research expedition in Antarctic.

In accordance with available information such discovery has been made on Allan-Hills which are located on the border of Eastern Antarctica Plateau. Scientists are sure that these forests are more than 250 million years old. Some of the fossils are burnt which is the main evidence of severe fires which took place during that period of time on the mainland.    

Scientists think that those fires could result in the eruption of volcano as well as fall of meteorite.
Research expedition is not over. It will continue till the next month. This time will be spent on additional research and examination of the mainland. These researches will give answers to numerous questions connected with history and geology of Antarctic as well as history of the planet.


Antarctica is a continent which is located in the Southern part of our planet. The center of the continent almost coincides with the center of South Pole. It is washed by South Ocean. Its total square is 14 107 000 km². It consists of the main continent as well as adjoined islands.

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