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Foreigners will have to leave Russia in case of Unemployment

Foreign citizens interrupt with various Russian federal programs.

10.Feb.15 6:47 PM
By Abigail Richards


Foreigners will have to leave Russia in case of Unemployment
The head of Labor and Social Defense Ministry Maxim Topilin stated that foreign workers will be replaced by Russian citizens in the nearest future. Such statement was made during the last meeting of Ministry representatives and members of independent Russian Labor Unions which took place last Saturday.

The government of Russian Federation offered several conditions to the Heads of different regions. If local authorities are able to meet those requirements, it will be easier for the government to implement various federal programs as well as divide funds between regions as financial support. By the way, all regions will get about $812 500 000.

At the same authorities of every region are supposed to develop their own programs which will make it easy to replace foreign workers with Russian citizens. This condition is obligatory for those regions which are eager to get 90% compensation in accordance with governmental program. At the same time it will help to decrease the level of unemployment.

The official also said that his Ministry is working out additional bills and rules that will decrease the level of pensions for those who have high salaries after official retirement. These rules will be implemented for those whose annual income is more than $15 500.

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