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Foreign Vacations will be 80% more expensive for Russian Tourists

Some tour operators will disappear from the market by the end of the year.

27.Jan.15 1:19 PM
By Abigail Richards


Foreign Vacations will be 80% more expensive for Russian Tourists
Some experts say the price of foreign vacations can become 80% higher for Russian tourists by the end of this year. Some tourist destinations will simply disappear due to low demand and sales level.  The main reason of such situation on the tour market is low level or ruble currency exchange which also results in enormous price increase.

Russian Tour Operators Association revealed statistics which shows that price increase also affected such popular destinations as Egypt (tours are at least twice more expensive in comparison with the previous year), Thailand, Bally and Greece.

At the same time the head of Russian Tour Operators Association said that the price can go even higher by the end of June 2015. The main reason for such enormous price increase is hidden in low and unstable ruble currency exchange rate. This is why foreign vacation is likely to become less affordable for major part of Russian tourists.

Some directors of tourists agencies say that decrease of demand can be up to 30%-40% during summer. This may lead to disappearance of popular tourist destinations as well as operators. Some of them have already filed for bankruptcy starting from June 2014.

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