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Forecasts come true: the bitcoin rate fell sharply

Another December 17 for one coin was given 20 thousand dollars, and now - only 13 thousand.

22.Dec.17 1:08 AM
By Abigail Richards


Forecasts come true: the bitcoin rate fell sharply
The bitcoin rate fell sharply. So, according to the data of the portal CoinMarketCup, the sold of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world bitcoin fell by eighteen percent per day. In particular, if a few days ago, twenty thousand dollars were given for one coin, now only thirteen thousand.

It is also worth noting that the alternative Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency decreased by thirty percent to $ 2,536.

According to experts, the rate of the cryptocurrency is adversely affected by unfavorable forecasts about its future. Recall, on Tuesday, December 19, co-founder of, Emil Oldenburg drew attention to the fact that bitcoin has no prospects as a trading currency, while the Minister of Finance of Japan does not consider it a reliable asset.

It is also essential that representatives of the Monetary Authority of Singapore warned that investments in crypto-currencies bear increased risks for investors because they are not provided with real assets and are not officially allowed as a payment unit.

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