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Ford Edge SUV Left Russian Market

This model was not very popular among Russian consumers.

04.May.15 9:11 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Ford Edge SUV Left Russian Market
Ford SUV has left Russian automotive market recently. Last gen Edge SUV has been presented last year. It appeared to be not very popular with Russian consumers.

According to available information the level of Edge sales has decreased over the last several months. New model was no longer in high demand on Russian market. That is why major US automaker decided to stop cars supplies to Russian Federation. The information and description of the auto disappeared from dealer centers and official website of the company.

It should be noted that one major modification of Ford Edge was available for Russian consumers. It was equipped with 3.5-lieter engine with 288 HP in addition to 6-gear automatic transmission.

Experts pay attention that Russian consumers prefer buying domestic auto as well as Asian models. That is why American and European automakers are trying to accept current conditions of the automotive market.

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