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FORBES: West was Hopeless to Break Russia Down

Russian economy keeps growing in spite of all Western sanctions.

04.May.15 5:09 PM
By Abigail Richards


FORBES: West was Hopeless to Break Russia Down
West is hopeless in breaking Russian economy down according to Forbes. Experts made recent research to find out how Western sanctions initiated by the US government influenced Russian economy. It turned out that such drastic measures do not have expected effect. Moreover specialists are sure that GPD growth is becoming more rapid while inflation level is decreasing. In addition inflation is lower than in the United States at the moment.

Forbes experts also note that even low oil price is not able to break Russia down. In spite of all that investors’ panic at the beginning of oil price decrease which was also connected with black PR towards Russia initiated by Western countries, it managed to attract investors who are aimed on long-term beneficiary projects.

The majority of experts agree that main key to success in such difficult conditions is low Russian debt which is about 14%. If foreign debt was higher, the consequences would be more serious for economy of the country.

It should also be noted that such opinion is shared not only by Forbes experts but also representatives and experts of other huge and reputable publishers as well as enterprises. They include not only domestic but also Western companies.

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