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For safe storage of bitcoins, a Dutch entrepreneur has implanted in the arm chip

Martin Wismeyer decided that it would be more convenient and safer.

17.Apr.18 9:36 PM
By Abigail Richards


For safe storage of bitcoins, a Dutch entrepreneur has implanted in the arm chip
For the safe storage of bitcoins, the Dutch entrepreneur implanted a chip in his hand. So, as writes, Dutch entrepreneur Martin Wismeyer implanted chips in both hands with the support of non-contact NFC technology in order to store bitcoins and pay with them.

It is worth noting that the entrepreneur began to buy bitcoins eight years ago and in 2014 decided to live in the hands of chips. According to Wismeijer, 80 percent of the cryptocurrency, which he has purchased, he lost because of theft, forgetfulness, and other problems. "If I implanted chips at once, today I would probably be very rich," Martin Wismeyer added.

According to the entrepreneur, these chips look like small glass capsules – one of the chips allows you to pay with cryptocurrency, the other - stores an encrypted key for access to bitcoins.

At the same time, the entrepreneur does not tell how many bitcoins he stores in this way, noting only that we are talking about small amounts that are enough to pay for a beer in a pub or several cups of coffee. Also, Wismeijer said he became quite famous because of the history of the chips, so he is wary of robbers.

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