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For half a year, scammers kidnapped a $ 1.1 billion crypto currency

Crypto-investors often do not know how to protect their savings.

08.Jun.18 5:01 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


For half a year, scammers kidnapped a $ 1.1 billion crypto currency
Experts at Cybersecurity Carbon Black conducted a study to find out how many crypto currencies they managed to steal to cybercriminals during 2018. As it became known, for six months criminals were able to assign digital assets worth about 1.1 billion dollars.

Researchers said that in most cases darknet is used for large thefts. Its main advantage for cyber-frauds is anonymity. The presence of a special software allows you to illegally enrich both whole groups of intruders, and individually taken specialists.

By the way, in most cases hackers "hunted" on Monero: it is this crypto currency in the current year accounting for about 44% of thefts. The share of Ethereum was 11%, bitcoin - 10%.

Representatives of Cybersecurity Carbon Black drew attention to the fact that crypto-investors today are much less secure compared to customers of banks. Ordinary depositors can rely on the protection of financial and credit institutions. Do not forget about the insurance of cash, as well as government support. In the case of crypto currency, their holders do not receive any assistance, and they have no one to rely on.

Recall, the developers of Bitcoin Gold have announced a hardcore that makes the crypto currency less vulnerable to hackers.

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